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10 Best Home Office Work Desks You Can Afford

If you work from home often, you need to set up a functional work area or home office to provide the needed concentration that will boost your productivity when you work. The office also has to be conducive and convenient for work, and this is why it should be equipped with proper ventilation, lighting, and, of course, suitable furniture, including a nice work desk.

When it comes to the choice of home office work desk, there are things to consider such as the amount of space you have, your home decor and settings, as well as your budget.

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Below are some of the best home office work desks that are within budget range and are suitable for different kinds of home settings and work requirements.

Why You Should Trust Us

We checked Amazon to find suitable, affordable, and comfortable work desks you can use in your home office. We selected the ones with good features and those that have received reviews and ratings not less than 4-Star from real users. We believe the items that made this list are the best home office work desks you can get on Amazon for their price.

Important Things to Note

Before you dive into the list, kindly note that when making your purchase, check with the supplier to make sure you are getting the complete package. Some buyers have complained that some parts were missing on delivery. Also, make sure you take the time to read the product’s manual before you begin to assemble. It would save you time and frustration that come with trying to figure things out yourself.

Best Affordable Home Office Work Desks

Any one of these 10 work desks would be a great addition to your home office. First, consider what your ultimate goal is for your office, what kind of style you lean towards, and how much space is available to you. Then, peruse these options to find the perfect desk for you.

1. CubiCubi Computer Desk 32″ – $84.99

4.6-Star, 300 Ratings

This is a simple style PC desk that combines an industrial vintage surface with features fitting for a home setting. It is made of a metal frame, triangular strut design, and adjustable leg pads for stability. All can be easily assembled in a matter of minutes.

It measures 32″ on the surface, 19.7″ on the side, and the height is 29″. It has a large enough space to work and can take up to a max load of 220 lbs.

As a bonus, it has an iron hook to hang your stuff, such as those headphones you’re using for all the video meetings these days. It also has a storage bag on its side—a great space to organize your books, magazines, and notes.


  • Simple style
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Suitable for study and work on the computer
  • Price is competitive


  • Desk surface not smooth enough for writing
  • Some customers complained of missing parts during assembly

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2. Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves – $121.13

4.0-Star, 7045 Ratings

This is a work desk that comes with wood grain laminated particleboard and an MDF surface. The surface is large enough for your monitor or laptop. It also has two open shelves on its side to place your books, binders, and other stationery.

The L-shape of the desk makes it fit perfectly in a corner to save space. It also has two grommets built into the desk for cord management.


  • Easy to set up
  • Plenty of legroom
  • Enough space for other things to be placed on it
  • L-shaped
  • A good amount of workspace
  • Two-pen shelves


  • The spray smell of the table might stick around a while
  • Unwiped liquid such as alcohol might damage its surface
  • The top of the desk is narrow

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3. Mr. IRONSTONE L-Shaped Computer Corner Desk – $129.99

4.3-Star, 22 Ratings

This is both a work desk and a gaming desk with a large desktop space and legroom. Both sides of the desk are of the same length, and the sides can be easily switched depending on what makes you most comfortable.

It is sturdy and has adjustable leveling footpads to keep the desk stable when it’s on an uneven floor. The L-shape also helps to maximize your space.

If you use multiple monitors for work or games, this work desk will be a great choice for you as it can support two to three monitors at once. You can place your monitor, laptop, and game devices on the table without worrying that it will warp or sag.


  • Easy to set up and looks great
  • It has a lot of legroom
  • Designed for efficient use of top space
  • Anti-scratch, anti-skidding


  • Some delivered items might be missing parts

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4. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk – $138.87

4.2-Star, 2266 Ratings

This L-shaped computer desk is made of Espresso wood grain laminated particleboard. It has plenty of space for your gadgets and sufficient legroom for when you want to stretch out while you work.

It also has two open shelves for your books and other items. You can convert this to something else by choosing not to install the middle shelf if you have other use for that space.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to set up


  • It can’t support much weight
  • The cable holes are not well placed

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5. Walker Edison Modern Corner L-Shaped Glass Workstation – $153.30

4.4-Star, 6255 Ratings

This is a glass L-shaped PC, writing, and gaming work desk for use at home. It can accommodate multiple monitors and includes a universal CPU stand. The work desk is large enough to work, and it is easy to modify to suit your needs.


  • Modern design
  • Sleek and very professional
  • Easy to set up
  • It is sturdy even though it has thin limbs and supports
  • Each screw has a pair in case of defects
  • Universal CPU stand


  • No features for cable management
  • Doesn’t have an option for shelf or drawer
  • The keyboard tray is tiny and may not accommodate the keyboard and mouse together

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6. Zinus Tresa Computer Desk / Workstation – $159.99

4.7-Star, 203 Ratings

This is a simple computer desk with a Rich Espresso finished surface area. It has a monitor stand that can be placed on any part of the table.

Its frame and leg support are made of strong steel. This makes the table is very sturdy. It can conveniently seat dual monitors, has a decent tray for holding your pens and writing pad, and comes with a clamp at the back for cable management.

The desk can allow up to 300 lbs of weight. Space and holding capacity are dependent on which one you choose: small, large, or medium.


  • Excellent packaging
  • Easy to set up
  • Smooth surface finish; no grain feel
  • Steel frame with leg support
  • Wide legroom


  • The monitor stand is not strong, but the tabletop itself is
  • The surface finish may cause keyboard to shift when typing or gaming.

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7. VIVO Black Height Adjustable Stand-up Desk Converter – $179.95

4.6-Star, 1364 Ratings

The VIVO work desk passes as a dynamic tabletop work desk with its adjustable height and sit-to-stand tabletop. It has a large enough surface to take single and dual monitor/laptop setups.

Change from sitting to standing in one swoop with its dual gas spring force, while the keyboard tray moves in sync with the tabletop. This guarantees that you won’t have to sit all day while working.

Your tabletop work desk can be adjusted from a height as low as 6″ up to 17″. This means you can comfortably sit or stand to work.


  • Sturdy and stable, not shaky when typing
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Might be too high for your neck if you only want to sit all-day
  • Might not be suitable for gaming

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8. Monarch Specialties Computer Desk with Drawers – $218.56

4.2-star, 198 Ratings

This is a cappuccino desk with durable construction and modern design of top grade, thick-paneled composition. The 60-inch long tabletop is large enough to accommodate a laptop, printer, writing material, and other essentials that need to be on your table. It also has multiple drawers and an open space, which can be set up either on the right side or on the left for your convenience.


  • Contemporary design
  • Large enough workspace
  • Desktop with a large workspace
  • Has drawers and file cabinet


  • Hard to assemble
  • The installation instructions are not easy to read

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9. Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55 Inch Standing Desk – $299

4.4-Star, 97 Ratings

This is a health-compliant table with a sitting or standing arrangement. It has a height adjusting crank to go high or low anytime. This crank can attach to either side of the table, so you can put it wherever is convenient for you. It also has plenty of legroom to free your legs.

It is sturdy and stable. Its leveling feet and strong steel base keep the desk firm as you work or adjust the height. It can also support up to 70lbs, so you can use it for a double monitor set up.


  • Sturdy
  • Large workspace
  • Easy height adjustment for sitting or standing
  • Spacious top
  • Sturdy design


  • Some parts may be damaged when shipping

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10. Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk – $255.99

4.6-Star, 196 Ratings

This is a reversible L-shaped work desk with open shelves for your gadgets and magazines. It has two workspaces that can take up to 450 lbs of weight. At its corner, the desk can hold up to 110lbs. It also has a monitor-mount hole to tightly secure your monitor and a dedicated CPU stand.

The desk is sturdy, and the surface is made of P2 class particle board with a perfect edge and thicker steel frame for strength and durability. Underneath, it has an adjustable leg pad to keep the desk balanced, especially when placed on an uneven floor or carpet.


  • Looks beautiful and well-structured
  • Reversible, spacious workspace
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and stable


  • The tabletop is not perfectly smooth for writing on a sheet but will work if you put another sheet under
  • Assembly might be a little difficult

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The Bottom Line

When you’ve finally made a decision to place an order for your work desk, check for available varieties in terms of colors and sizes. Some prices may be higher or lower depending on the size you finally choose. There are also some products with optional components that you can also purchase to enhance your convenience when working.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to feel comfortable and productive in your workspace, so choose a desk that will lend you a hand in getting there.

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