Even the FBI uses it- What Does Your Signature Say About You? Hidden Secrets of handwriting analysis, graphology that are kept hidden from you

If done for self, handwriting analysis is a very useful science as it would help you understand why you are the way that you are. You can begin to improve certain weaknesses, and also work on your strengths.

Interesting Handwriting Analysis
What’s in it for you?
You can analyze handwriting and signature for
Personal analysis
checking Partner compatibility
know more about that someone you want to ask for a date
Understanding peers and business associates
child monitoring
analyzing old letters
revealing hidden talents, knowing health issues, morality, past experiences, mental problems

and much more.

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History behind handwriting & signature analysis?

Handwriting analysis, also known as graphology, was developed 3,000 years ago and has grown to become an increasingly reliable method for determining an individual’s character traits. Organizations are incorporating handwriting analysis to determine the potential of new recruits. Crime Investigators and forensics departments consult handwriting analysts to portray the personality of the writer or in most cases, gauge their innocence in the case of a crime. Handwriting analysis has been one of the key aspects while reopening the investigations, and giving direction to the case solving activities. Signatures and Handwriting of famous personalities from the past and present have been analyzed and evidences were found that they already had it in them.

How is this even possible?

Your brain controls your hand. Your conscious mind determines ‘what’ you write and your subconscious mind controls ‘how’ you write. Everything you write is achieved by a two-way circuit between your brain and the motor reflex muscles of your hand. So, your handwriting is actually a ‘Polygraph’ or ‘ Oscilloscope’ of your complete self. For normal people, it’s just handwriting, but to a handwriting analyst, it reveals the portrait of the person behind the pen. It is a fact that no two people have the same handwriting.

Thus, handwriting is viewed as being as identifiable as a fingerprint. We all have a deep intelligence that comes out in our everyday communications, although many of us fail to notice it. The idea is that with the unconscious mind people observe events clearly and honestly, and since they have a need to tell the truth to achieve emotional wholeness, the mind finds ways to put the truth it knows out there. It just takes a skilled “reader” to decode what’s being said. You don’t have to look at what is being written, or how presentable the handwriting is, but ‘how’ it is written, it is about signs which point the forces that operate within the writer.

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