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“What is the size of the writing?”

Small handwriting

Reserved, intelligent, modest, down-to-earth, ability to concentrate, non-spotlight job.

Small writing points to someone who has the ability to concentrate on minor details for long periods of time. They are not easily distracted by outside forces. The writer focuses attention on one activity ignoring all other influences going on around them. These writers include scientists, researchers, bookkeepers, etc. People who write small like to work alone. They can be trusted to take on tedious tasks and follow them through to completion without being side tracked. Those who write small are usually conservative and careful. They never demand for attention. Very small handwriting can mean that the individual is an introvert.

Average size Handwriting

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Average size Handwriting, indicates an normal ability to concentrate. The writers have to force themselves to concentrate on minor details, especially for long periods of time. Average size of script shows the ability to concentrate on daily activities without being distracted too much by what’s going on around him/her. They demand for a balance between attention and privacy at the same time. These blend very well into the society. They might feel free at times and tied up at other.

Large size writing


Large size writing indicates that the writer has trouble concentrating on tedious tasks and is easily distracted.  They have trouble concentrating and easily get ‘off-track.’ At work, they should be given varying duties and assignments that are quick to complete. They demand for attention. A full height of more than 9 mm can mean that the individual is outgoing and an extrovert, and sometimes  confidence. Large writers feel free . A person who likes to be seen will have writing that’s noticeable and free.

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