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“What is the style of writing?”


Cursive Writing

If the writing is extremely connected, the writer has compulsive tendencies, too much focus on objectives and too little on the actual situation at hand, delayed emotional reactions.

Disconnected Cursive Writing

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The writer has difficulty in linking experiences meaningfully, experiences introversion, Isolation and withdrawal.

Only Print

lack of social adjustment, introversion.\n These writers put up barriers from the world in getting to know them. They do not easily express their inner-most feelings. Tend to have strong external protective mental shell seen as CONFIDENCE. These writers take longer to experience intimacy. 50% of people prefer to print over cursive which shows that  they would rather be in pain than express their feelings.

Writing Script mix Print/ Cursive

The writer has confusion over social roles, experiences inconsistency in thinking. People that tend to mix print and cursive together as they write are actually NORMAL. The tendency is to be in a hurry/rush. They are usually flexible in unusual circumstances.

Threaded Writing

Threaded writers are sensitive and highly impressionable. They take a big view of the world and want to see and know the whole thing. They have a love for all the arts and want independence to follow their own talents. They seek admiration rather than material rewards. On the negative side, threaded writers are disorderly and unpredictable. Often they are unsure about the world and unsure about themselves too. Socially thoughtless and eccentric in their attitudes. Often the thread formation appears as a result of speed. The mind is rushing along while the hand struggles to keep up, sacrificing legibility in the process. The speedy thread is identified with high intelligence-possibly even genius. Einstein  had a threaded writing.

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