Can People can guess your thoughts & emotions from your face? What Handwriting Says About You

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“How are the letters inclined?”

Inclined to the right

‘The responsive’
The slant indicates the writers emotional response to external forces. A right slant signals one who responds strongly to emotional situations. The right slant indicates the writer responds freely with these emotions. They are caring, warm and outgoing– their heart rules their mind.


At times, these writers should hide their emotions and act composed.

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Inclined to left

‘The reserved’
The slant indicates the writers emotional response to external forces. A left slant writer will conceal the emotions. Avoids emotional situations. This person will be emotionally withdrawn, cold, indifferent and self centered. Always trying to hold emotions back and emotional response is strongly inhibited.


At times these writers should confront with emotional situations.

Vertical Perpendicular

‘The Independent’
The slant indicates the writers emotional response to external forces. A vertical slant writer tries to keep their emotions in check. Emotional response is slightly inhibited — mind rules their heart.


Sometimes these writers should bring in their feelings to the table while dealing with emotional situations.

Variation in slant

‘The unpredictable’
The slant of the writing varies from letter to letter revealing that the writer’s emotions are out of control. A mixture of all the types of inclinations shows an ambiguous personality, difficulty in making decisions, lack or sureness of one’s own identity, a frequently changing mind, inconsistency, unpredictability.

these writers have to be stable and composed in terms of their thoughts and actions.

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