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“What direction letters point?”

Upward pointing triangles

The Upward Pointing Triangle represents that the  writer has a questioning mind, always searching for answers to sometimes strange things. The writer would place the Emphasis on qualities of reason. The writer is idealistic. Once the mind-is made up, decisions are persistently hold on to. The writer possesses mental aggression.

Downward pointing triangles

The Downward Pointing Triangle indicates that the writer depends on reason to find emotional and personal meaning. For the writer, the search is on, but the meaning has not been found. Feeling in general is something that exists without proof, but the writer wants to have the proof in hand. These writers are self-critical, analytical and logical. The writer’s approach to love is intellectual. They are often let down in their search for the perfect mate or in their wish for the perfect family. These writers are physically and emotionally aggressive.

Left pointing triangles

The Left Pointing Triangle represents that the writer is critical of his/her past life and relationships. These writer emphasize more on the past,  their aggression is directed to events that have already taken place. The attitude is somewhat harsh, and the writer wonders why he has been treated so unfairly. The writers energy is directed towards self reflection

Right pointing triangles

The Right Pointing Triangle represents aspiration in life and love of action. These writers are aggressive regarding their plans and goals. They are serious when others don’t measure up to their idea of how the world should be, and are usually pessimistic in daily life.

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