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“How does the Signature compare to the normal writing?”


If the signature is just like the writer’s normal handwriting. It shows that the person is clear-cut, down-to-earth and without any self-importance.

No similarity between writing and signature

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These writers try to be very smart, concealed, never say anything in uncomplicated manner, never pay attention to the other person of what he is talking of. Considered to be clever but never think. These people change their ideas & very often. They have no judgment of anything being right or wrong. Pleasing is the only way to win them over.

Printed letters- non cursive

These writers are very kind to the people around them, have a good heart, unselfish, are make sacrifices for the sake of their close ones. But these seem to think a lot and have a quick temper.

Over complicated signature

If the normal handwriting of the writer is clear and the signature is made complex on purpose, the writer may be nervous and want to disguise his/her true personality and feelings.

Decorative signature

A deliberate attempt to decorate the signature shows that the writer is a showy person who is egotistic and expresses himself in a theatrical manner.

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