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Sagittarius Girl Love Compatibility With:

Tuning between two individuals relies on upon the seen and unseen parts of their characte. While it is evident that a Sagittarian lady is in search of adventure and a joy loving individual, it doesn’t make her emotionally disinterested. She has her own set of rules and principles to follow. To be well-matched with her means far more than just getting involved in a good giggle with her. Let us discover all about the Sagittarian lady and her compatibility with the Zodiac guys..

Being a Sagittarius, you view a relationship as an opportunity to explore and learn, two of your favourite pastimes. Your best bet for a fulfilling relationship is to find a partner who respects freedom within a relationship as much as you do and, in addition, has an optimistic outlook on life. Any of the fire signs – Aries, Leo or Sagittarius – are a good bet for you as they won’t try to tie you down.

Aries is a sign which often has one eye on the future and you’ll be right there beside them. Leo can sometimes be too demanding for your liking but as long as you adore them and they allow you to roam, this is certainly an exciting and passionate combination. And two Sagittarians together? – well, more like good friends to be honest. But then again, that might be just what you want.

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The air signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – will also fit the bill. In particular, your opposite sign of Gemini will constantly delight you in thinking of new ways to spice up your relationship. They’re as flighty as you are but as long as you keep coming back together, you’ll have a lot of fun. Libra’s a really good match too and they’ll teach you a lot about romance and relating. Aquarius is a fun combination as you have similar goals in life and both care about the world around you.

You’re also attracted to people with spirit and the water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – will stimulate and arouse you. The only problem for you with the water signs is their moodiness. Being a Sagittarius, you are the eternal optimist and you don’t deal well with black moods or strong emotions, unless they’re feelings of joy. Cancer may tie you down and Scorpio is intense. Pisces is your best bet as they’ll be as willing as you are to explore, experiment and lead a hedonistic lifestyle together.

It is boredom which is your biggest turn off and although the earth signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – will keep you warm with their sensuality, what you really look for in a relationship is passion. With the earth signs, that might just be missing unless you’re prepared to stick around long enough to rev them up. All of the earth signs will be honest, which is important to you at the end of the day but it’s not the most exciting pairing you could ask for.

aries guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Aries Guy

The Arian guy has enough knowledge and energy to awe the Sagittarian. Besides both offer a typical adoration for adventure and travel and have a decent comical inclination as well. In spite of the fact that their character characteristics are in harmony to each other, their frank tones may be a risk to their happiness in a long term association.

Taurus guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Taurus Guy

These two may have some major difficulty tuning up with one another. The Sagittarian lady won’t acknowledge the controlling attitude of the Taurean guy unless he is the peaceful type where she can control him instead. His possessiveness will additionally prevent her from keeping her independence. His hell-bent and inflexible outlook on most things can make her lose her tolerance and likely her mental state as well. In the event that she gets with the peaceful kind who gives her a chance to be for who she is, it may very well work out well for both of them in the long term.

gemini guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Gemini Guy

Respect for one another can do all the wonders to this partnership. Both are outgoing people and social creatures who love gatherings and social events. While the Sagittarian lady additionally needs the security of a sound home, the Gemini needs the mature love of a thoughtful lady. In the event that both are successful to manage with each other on these viewpoints, this relationship can end up in a good place.

cancer guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Cancer Guy

This partnership requires a considerable measure of adjustments. The Sagittarian lady will be opposed to the Cancer Guy’s touchiness or sensitive nature, while he will discover her adventurous attitude a lot to take. Anyway in the event that they find themselves able to cope with one another’s inborn qualities and make compromises consequently, an effective partnership might be framed.

Leo guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Leo Guy

Much the same as with the Arian guy, the Sagittarian lady has many qualities similar to the Leo guy. In any case the root of the problem would be ‘attention’. While the Leo guy needs total attention, the Sagittarian lady wishes it in an concealed manner as she likes her independence. In the event that both manage their love for attention towards each other, this relationship can work greatly.

virgo guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Virgo Guy

Despite the fact that a love match between these two can work well, there are sure essential dissimilarities that may damage a long term partnership. The traditionalist Virgo guy would need to get used to the adventurous Sagittarian lady’s nature. Also the blunt Sagittarian lady would need to understand the Virgo guy’s aloof character.

libra guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Libra Guy

He will love her spontaneity and sociable nature. This relationship might be loaded with energy and sentiment. There is likewise prone to be incredible tuning between these two. With some understanding they can manage their dissimilarities and it would be smooth cruising for them that point.

scorpio guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Scorpio Guy

This pair is so unbalanced it is not possible pan out over the long term. Her outgoing and free lively nature is excessively for the possessive Scorpio to handle. The Sagittarian lady’s energy won’t run down well with his obsessive character. She thusly will discover him excessively intrusive and controlling.

sagittarius guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Sagittarius Guy

Both the Sagittarians have their acts pointed in the right direction. The Sagittarian lady has a lot of similarities with the Sagittarian guy. Adventurous, cheerful and positive, when they get together, things do sparkle. Nonetheless, one of them must be really aware and should have understanding of the situation to prevent disobedience and foolishness.

capricorn guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Capricorn Guy

It won’t be simple once the initial dating period is over. The Capricorn guy will be irritated by the Sagittarian lady’s love for the exploration of the outside world and she will discover his emotive needs hard to understand. For a fruitful relationship, both would need to acknowledge the basically distinctive attributes in one another and figure out how to live with it.

Aquarius Guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Aquarius Guy

This connection works wonders! Energy and love is there, however what also follows is little emotional necessities and possessiveness. Since each one cherishes his/her independence, they would admire it in the other as well.

pisces guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Pisces Guy

Once more, excessive emotional sensitivity can come in the path of their common understanding. The Piscean guy’s sensitive needs will be let down by the Sagittarian lady and she will never understand his mystical deepness also. Over all…a challenging association!

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