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Pisces Lady Love Compatibility With:

Let’s see a short rundown of the compatibility degree between Pisces ladies and guys of the other sun signs. Since there are two types of Pisces ladies and same goes with two types of guys from other zodiac signs, these interpretations are individual. While there may be special cases, the compatibility points discussed below are mostly relevant to all.

Being a Pisces, you get on best with a partner who understands how to be romantic, which is why the water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – all hit the spot. You enjoy being treated well and gifts of flowers and chocolates will win you around. Cancer and you will be cozy and comfortable together in your own little world. Scorpio’s a good bet for a partner who can look after you well. They like to lead and as long as their ambition doesn’t become too controlling, this is a very sexy and imaginative combination. Another Pisces will certainly understand you but the danger is the two of you may go round and round in circles with neither of you being able to find the way out.

You also enjoy being looked after and those little everyday touches of affection make your heart swoon. You’ll love the sweet, gentle nature of the earth signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – and, in particular, you’ll appreciate the efforts made by your opposite sign of Virgo to care for you any way they can. Taurus is another good match and a very hedonistic combination and Capricorn too will look after you well. If you teach them all about romance, they’ll make sure the bills are paid and will always be there to lean on.

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There’s also a special allure for you with the air signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – and you’ll find them incredibly tantalising and exciting to be around. You enjoy being able to share a mutual love of fantasy and the imaginative world. You and Gemini have a lot in common although you’ll run circles round one another as neither of you is associated with being completely honest. You and Libra are a very romantic pairing, although they may be too frivolous and fluffy for your needs. Aquarius is usually a real no-go area as they’re detached from their emotions which is something you’re certainly not.

Being such a sensitive, caring person yourself, the opposite qualities in a partner can appeal and you’re renowned for falling in love with unavailable types. The brash behaviour and impulsive nature of the fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – often leave you wondering what went wrong. You’ll certainly find all three star signs exciting, especially Leo who’s as romantic as you are, but if you want romance to last, steer clear of flash types, whatever their star sign!

aries guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Aries Guy

With Aries guys and Pisces ladies it’s noticeably tricky to say which way the partnership will turn. Everything relies on upon the Arian guy’s ability to be delicate and provide for her space and the Piscean lady’s capacity to adapt to his dominant nature. Regarding love and enthusiasm front they are pretty good with each other as they are a flawless match. When it comes to overall compatibility, they can either be a decent match or a failure on account of their self-images.

Taurus guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Taurus Guy

This pair can be the best thing out there. The Piscean lady’s defenselessness and instability will be adjusted by the Taurean guy’s realistic attitude and determination. The Taurus guy could be very much a charmer and a loving person which can keep these two attached till eternity.

gemini guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Gemini Guy

They both would need to be deeply in love with each other and willing to manage with each other to make this partnership work. The Gemini guy’s liking for change will keep the Piscean lady a bit worried, while his unpredictable emotions can have negative impact on her feelings.

cancer guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Cancer Guy

A loving pair, the Cancer guy will have the capacity to satisfy the Piscean lady’s requirement for continuous eternal love.. He will be able to look after her, provide her the attention and the understanding, while the Piscean lady might get to be her real self- a romantic with a Cancer guy. With everything taken into account, it is an incredible match..

Leo guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Leo Guy

The Piscean lady fulfills the need for a womanly creature in Leo guy’s life. She would provide for him a decent home and he will be permitted to control it however he sees fit. If the Leo guy is ready to keep his temper and disobedient tone in limits, this pair can end up in a good place.

virgo guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Virgo Guy

The Virgo guy with less emotions and egotistical attitude may not be the best fit for the Piscean lady having a sensitive attitude. She will never have the capacity to acknowledge and adapt up to his careless state of mind and any relationship between these two is liable to bring about conflicts unless the Virgo guy is more controlled when it comes to handling this partnership and takes things in a romantic way.

libra guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Libra Guy

This may appear an extraordinary combo in the initial stages, however once the emotions are done with, the partnership will end up being asking too much off each other. These both would need to look past their own selves to make their love going..

scorpio guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Scorpio Guy

Let’s make it happen! A Scorpio guy can pair up immediately with a Piscean lady. Both are equipped for understanding one another on the same level by sharing their emotions. Obviously the Scorpion guy will need to hold his possessiveness under tight restraints. Separated from that everything will be a jolly ride in this partnership.

sagittarius guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Sagittarius Guy

Not simple, may not be happy, impractical! This is the means by which both of them would respond if the relationship is extended long. Despite the fact that they may do good in the initial stages, the gap between fantasy land Pisces lady and reality Sagittarius guy is so big that it would be impossible be overlooked. Nevertheless, the realistic, friendly and obedient Pisces lady may score higher and with her things can be smooth.

capricorn guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Capricorn Guy

It is a perfect pair here! This is a flawless formula for a dependable relationship. He is the guy for her… tough, proficient and concerned about her, while she is the lady for him—one who gives him a chance to rule. On the off chance that he holds his playful attitude (with other women) under limit, this relationship is will last long.

Aquarius Guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Aquarius Guy

Here again is an instance of reverse energies. Despite the fact that opposites are drawn toward each other, they might not actually remain in that state together for long. His thoughtful attitude will think of her as an emotional mess and her womanliness will be smashed because of his heavily open-minded thoughts.

pisces guy boy zodiac horoscope love

Pisces Guy

Since both the Pisces guy and lady have such a great amount of qualities that they have similar, they make for an incredible pair. Obviously the risk here is that they will need to battle their shortcomings to make their relationship an accomplishment.

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