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“I will tell you some secrets of this Ancient Science of Palm Reading”

Ancient Palmistry

How old is Palmistry?

The study of the lines and signs of the hands can be traced back as far as the Stone Ages. Pictures of human hands are frequently found in cave drawings, indicating their special interest in this part of the body.

How does it work?

Your palm print is the blueprint of your life. It tells everything about you – past, present, future – health – and more. Everything on your palm means something even the nails! Once a line is on your hand it does not go away. Lines add on through your lifetime due to the electromagnetic changes sent by your brain.

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Which hand to see?

New lines generally develop on the dominant hand – the one you write with. The other hand is your destiny, not your past life.


What is the hidden Secret of Palmistry?

The earliest writings on palmistry have been preserved and are still guarded from the public eye. Cheiro, the famous palmist, claimed to have seen one of these manuscripts in the early 1900’s. Although palmistry dates back to the Stone Ages, its greatest period is just beginning. The future of palmistry is assured now that scientists are proving its validity!


Aren’t these lines just folding marks of your hand?

The life line is the first line that is formed on the palm and appears by the time the human embryo is eight weeks old. This line is quickly followed by the Heart line and the Head line. It’s interesting to note that these lines appear before the baby is able to make any movements. This means they are not merely ‘flexure’ lines caused by bending the hand, as some critics of palm reading claim

Can these lines change?

Your hand changes throughout your life. The lines you see in your palm today are not quite the same as they were a year ago and probably very different from five years ago.

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Does Palmistry control my life? Isn’t there nothing I can do about it?

Although your hand gives an outline of your life, it’s only a tentative outline. You have the final decision on the course your life will take. Whether you want the position or not, you’re the captain of your own destiny. Palmistry can point out the forces that operate within you, and it can point out the logical results of these forces. You can accept them as they are or begin to change them. Remember, the hands are constantly changing. What you read today, could be very different from what you read a year from now.

Can I see lines of other people?

You can perform these analysis on your own, friends and even on your partners hand to check the compatibility.

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