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“Let me tell you a secret about your fingerprints”


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Fingerprints Reveal More Than You Think

Fingerprints are uniquely our own, and are as singular as a snowflake. Formed in the womb, they are one of the few aspects of our physiology that remains unchanged throughout our lives. But did you know that lurking within the ridges on your finger tips are the secrets of your personality? Your fingerprints reveal who you are in more ways than one.

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The art of studying fingerprints to determine personality traits has been practiced for thousands of years and is believed to have originated in India. As well as studying fingerprints, many practitioners also use foot and palm prints to ascertain information about a person’s health and character.

Many palm readers use a combination of the lines and mounts on a person’s palm as well as their fingerprints to discern a complete profile of the person they are dealing with. The type of fingerprint and which finger it is found on reveals a lot about the person. These variations and finger placement reveal aspects of the holder’s personality.

It is already an accepted fact that every single person in the world has a different set of fingerprints. The Ancient have devised a way to read personality & destiny traits by studying the waves and the circles that appear at the tips of everyone’s fingers. This is the sequence that offers clues to your destiny & fortunes of your life.

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