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“Tell me, how are your fingers?”


Palmistry Palm Hand Reading fingers

I have Small Fingers

You are more attracted for the big things rather than the details and don’t have much patience. You always have a task at your hand. A lot of times you do not hesitate to kick-start something new before you’ve finished the last project. You often have several things on the go at the same time in the name of multi-tasking.

You want everything instantly, so patience is not your strong area. Your impatience has gotten you into a lot of problems in your life. In some ways you know everything about everything . You like manual work where creation is involved and enjoy field jobs e.g. technicians, carpenters, field engineers.

You should:

Not being restless and having a little patience might help you. Keep in mind that big things are made by small details and steps, so do not completely overlook these. Be stable, stick to the task and complete it before you jump to anything else.

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Palmistry Palm Hand Reading fingers

I have Medium Length Fingers

You obviously would be lying somewhere balanced between the natures of short fingered and long fingered people. Sometimes you can be very patient and tolerant. But, at other times you’re prepared to put your hands into a situation first and then you think about the consequences which is late. This can get you into problems.

If something really interests you, you want to get your hands dirty and work it all out till the depth. On the other hand, if it’s only a momentary interest, you’re won’t try to learn it in much detail. You are balanced and equally strong in terms of patience, details, field work and complex tasks.

You should:

You have a balanced mind. Try to think first with clarity and then take a decision of doing something. This will take you ahead long way. If you motivate yourself for things you should be working on, you would be really great while doing it.

Palmistry Palm Hand Reading fingers

I have Long Fingers

If you have long fingers, you will be satisfied at work where you can jump in the details of things and you enjoy complex tasks. You like to concentrate totally to the job at your hand and work carefully which makes you reliable.

You’re patient and enjoy all the tricky things. Your work must be very intense and rewarding. If it’s too simple you tend to lose interest very quickly. You also avoid manual work as long as you can. Complexity attracts you and so you like to work on challenging things. If you don’t find it challenging, you would in most cases pass the opportunity to work it out if given a choice.

You should:

Unless you are at a position where in you can choose what you want to work on, it’s not advisable for you to be hell bent on it. You have to work your way up the ladder to a place where in you can control things. Once that day comes in your life, you’ll be the happiest person.


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